The following is the review for the 2009 Granville performances

This exciting new show was performed last week in Ramsgate’s Granville Theatre. Written by local brothers Heath and Glenn Woodward the intriguing story tells how four teenagers who’s curiosity plunges them into a time travelling nightmare with the enigmatic Professor Mackenzie.

The music score written by Heath Woodward is highly engaging and imaginative with colourful orchestration. Unfortunately the music was not live but I am reliably informed that this was due to budget and is the aim for future productions. The soundtrack was of high quality. The show appeals to everyone with the storyline avoiding the clichéd plot lines that this genre often attracts and stimulates the audience’s imagination with open ended questions whilst still remaining highly entertaining.

The powerful emotions examined in the show are well conveyed and were expertly brought to life by a very talented local cast. Neil Chapman who played Professor Mackenzie was fantastic as a very complex character and particular mention must also be given to Jemma Pendlebury (Eleanor Valentine).The four teenagers showed incredible potential in their convincing performances with natural delivery of dialogue and commanding stage presence. Special mention must also be given to the choreographer Amy Williamson whose dancers were fantastic with their well rehearsed eye catching routines. Visually the lighting design was stunning and the use of a projector facilitated the narration and added a new dimension to the story telling. Although at times the sound system suffered minor technical glitches this did not detract from the performance. The set was simple but effective and hopefully future performances of the show will attract enough support to enable a more elaborate set.

It is a shame that more people did not come to see a great show and support both the local artists and the Granville Theatre, but we can look forward to the next offering from Crazyhouse Theatre Productions.

J. Hamilton - Kinsgate Kent

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Story, Music and Lyrics by Heath Woodward. Script by Heath Woodward and Glenn Woodward. Complete works copyright © 2012 - Crazyhouse Theatre Productions