An expert teller of tales who has the amazing ability to draw in his listeners with extraordinary stories based on his own true-life experiences as a young man.

A young, unimpressionable schoolgirl who befriends the storyteller and then listens to one of his amazing tales before finally realizing that even in life itself the unbelievable can become believable.

Often referred to as crazy, the professor takes four doubting teenagers on a journey fraught with mystery and intrigue before he himself has to deal with a heart breaking memory from his past.

A sympathetic listener who begins to fear the worse when reality bites and she realises that what started off as harmless fun could put the lives of her and her friends in serious danger.

Kirsten’s over excitable boyfriend who is so enthralled by the events unfolding around him that he fails to notice that his girlfriend is falling into a state of mental insecurity that could push her over the edge.

Unsure of his true intentions, Adam tries to learn as much as he can about the professor and his amazing time device believing that he may eventually be called upon to bring them all safely back home again.

The excitement of meeting the father that she never knew soon turns to despair when it finally dawns on her that the dilemma in which they find themselves, has spiralled way out of control and could prove very costly indeed.

Undiscovered future star of stage and screen whose dreams of being an international superstar are left uncertain after being given a word of warning from a stranger with knowledge of her future.

Eleanor’s positive thinking best friend who also has a dream of seeing her name in lights but is a true believer that all good things come to those who wait.

Local factory worker who is unaware that the young girl that he accidentally meets is his yet to be born daughter Jane.



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Story, Music and Lyrics by Heath Woodward. Script by Heath Woodward and Glenn Woodward. Complete works copyright © 2012 - Crazyhouse Theatre Productions