Images on this website are taken from the 2012 Granville Theatre performances


In the not too distant future, just a couple of decades from now, will live a storyteller with a story unlike anything that you have ever heard before.

After a chance meeting with an unimpressionable young girl, the storyteller recounts the tale of a group of friends, who are taken on a journey 25 years into the past by an eccentric time traveler who will stop at nothing to recover a love that he once knew and thought lost forever.

Unaware of his true intentions, the friends embark on an adventure that would prove to be the biggest test, not just to their own individual personalities, but also to the seemingly unbreakable bond that has held their friendship together.

Realising that the inventor holds the key to their safe passage home, the friends begin to grasp the full horror of their predicament and realise that what started out as a bit of harmless fun, could eventually end up costing them everything and everyone that they have ever known.

The year now is 2027, and today is going to be a very interesting day…


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Story, Music and Lyrics by Heath Woodward. Script by Heath Woodward and Glenn Woodward. Complete works copyright © 2012 - Crazyhouse Theatre Productions